Urk, Netherlands – Day Trips from Amsterdam Series

Urk Netherlands Day Trips from Amsterdam--Wandering HelloThis is one of my favorite day trips from Amsterdam. I’ve been 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months! I’ve seen a lot of the Netherlands, but never anything quite like Urk.

Urk is a fishing village centuries old with an unusual tale. This village lays a short 45 minutes drive from Amsterdam. Perfect for one of your day trips from Amsterdam and is truly worth it.

Urk light house--Wandering Hello

Up until 1939, Urk was a secluded island in the Zuiderzee (South Sea). The Zuiderzee was a shallow bay of the North Sea and it had a history of being a violent body of water killing tens of thousands of people. A statue in Urk called “Urker vrouw” remembers lost fishermen. “Urker vrouw” is a woman gazing out at sea, longingly anticipating the return of her husband and sons.

Urk, Netherlands - Day trips from Amsterdam by Wandering Hello

Completed in 1932, the Afsluitdijk (Enclosure Dam) shut the Northern Sea off from the Zuiderzee. However, the Zuiderzee was no longer a sea and it was renamed to Ijsselmeer and Markermeer.

Urk, Netherlands - Day trips from Amsterdam By Wandering Hello

The Urk locals still hold to most of their traditions. Because it was a secluded island, Urkers spoke a unique dialect of Dutch and it is still spoken to this day.

Urk, Netherlands - Wandering Hello

 Urk, Netherlands - Wandering Hello

Things to do in Urk

1. Visit the Lighthouse

It is a small lighthouse compared to others I’ve been to, but it has wonderful views. Built in 1844, it is the only lighthouse in the Markenmeer and Ijsselmeer (formally the Zuiderzee) with a turning light.

2. Museum Het Oude Raadhuis

This is a museum that shows the history of the local area including how the island was attached to the polder and how the Urkers battled the sea. Click here to read more and click here for the website (Dutch).

3. Eat some Fish

Our favorite restaurant on the island is de Kaap.  Plus they have some of the best apple pie ever.

4. Take a Stroll along the water

There is a road that runs pretty much along the coast and it is absolutely beautiful.

Would you visit Urk?


xo, Erin Kay

Urk Netherlands Day Trips from Amsterdam--Wandering Hello

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  1. Reply

    Amsterdam is on my travel list and Urk looks like a wonderful day trip from Amsterdam. I’d never heard of Urk before but it is beautiful and definitely a place I would visit while in Amsterdam.

  2. Anshika Juneja


    I’ve never been to Amsterdam, Url or Netherlands. These places are on my bucket-list. I always wanted to go there but never get the opportunity..

  3. Reply

    I’ve only been to The Netherlands once which was a drive through from Sweden to catch the boat in Amsterdam. I loved looking at the houses and buildings as we drove by and thought they were very pretty. Urk sounds a very interesting place to visit (love places with a little history).

  4. Reply

    This looks amazing! I have visited the Netherlands a long time ago but never had a chance to really explore it. I enjoyed myself there and this post makes me miss it! I would love to go back!

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