Scottish Highlands-Wandering Hello

Road Trip Through the Scottish Highlands-Part 1

Road Trip Through the Scottish Highlands-Part 1 The drive from Glasgow to the lsle of Skye was long, but so ...
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Enkhuizen, Netherlands-Wandering Hello

Photos of a Small Dutch Village- Enkhuizen

Photos of a Small Dutch Village-- Enkhuizen With this post I kick off a new series that I'm calling, "Photos ...
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Amsterdam Blog-Wandering Hello

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands I moved to the Netherlands over five years ago, but I didn't actually make it to Amsterdam until ...
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Scotland-Wandering Hello

Scotland-Photos to give you wanderlust

Scotland I lost my heart somewhere in the Scottish mountains. It is in the highlands that I found a stillness ...
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6 Photos of South Africa--Wandering Hello

6 Photos of South Africa

South African Dreams South Africa gives me a perspective of what’s real and what’s not real. So I go back to ...
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