Photos of a Small Dutch Village- Enkhuizen

Photos of a Small Dutch Village– Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen, Netherlands-Wandering Hello

With this post I kick off a new series that I’m calling, “Photos of a Small Dutch Village”.

One of my favorite things to do on free weekends is explore tiny dorps in the Netherlands. Usually, you can find quirky, interesting things, and you can learn more about the culture.

On the first day of 2018, my husband and I decided to drive to Enkhuizen. It is about an hour north of Amsterdam and in the 17th century was just as important, if not more important than Amsterdam.

Enkhuizen has a wonderful cultural heritage and maritime museum called the Zuiderzee Museum. When Enkhuizen was at its height, it was an important fishing and harbor-ports for the VOC or in English the Dutch East Indie Company. The museum does a nice job of keeping Enkhuizen’s heritage alive.

Enkhuizen, Netherlands-Wandering Hello

What do you think of Enkhuizen? Have I convinced you to add it to your bucket list?

xo, Erin Kay

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Enkhuizen, Netherlands-Wandering HelloEnkhuizen, Netherlands-Wandering Hello

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