6 Photos of South Africa

6 Photos of South Africa--Wandering Hello

South African Dreams

South Africa gives me a perspective of what’s real and what’s not real. So I go back to South Africa to both lose myself and gain awareness of myself. Every time I go back, it doesn’t take long for me to get caught into a very different thing. A very different sense of myself. ~ Dave Matthews

On Safari South Africa-Wandering Hello

South Africa is the place of my dreams. It is a mix of my home and my adventures, hopes and yearnings.

Elephants in South Africa-Wandering Hello

South Africa was more than I imagined. I can honestly say I was nervous about this trip. The long flights from Amsterdam and Dubai, and the completely different culture I was walking into.

 South Africa-Wandering Hello

But it’s not that different.

Townships, South Africa-Wandering Hello

The dessert and mountains brought back scenes of New Mexico. People selling things on the side of the road drew connections to my time on the Navajo Nation. The rolling fields of vines brought back my French memories. Seeing the surfers, the crashing waves, and the costal drives brought me back to my California days.

 South Africa-Wandering Hello

South Africa is a special place. Full of interesting place, people, culture, and animals. (I promise, I’ll write more about my time there.) It made me miss all my homes at the same time while intriguing my curiosity for this place that seemed to me everything I ever loved.

Winelands, South Africa-Wandering Hello


xo Erin Kay


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