6 Fun Facts About Amsterdam

6 Fun Facts About Amsterdam-Wandering HelloWhen I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was to read trivia books. I loved telling people random facts about things they didn’t care about. Now, favorite thing to do is read up on the local history before visiting a new place. I love learning all the random little facts about other cultures and cities. So now, I’m going to share the random facts I learn with you! Fun facts about Amsterdam is the first of the ‘Fun Facts’ series.


6 Fun Facts About Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest in the world, starting in 1602 by the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East Indies Company).

2. The “Venice of the North” has 165 canals that, if lined up would measure about 50 kilometers or 31 miles.


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3. There are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam. That’s more than Venice!


4.  The only royal palace in Amsterdam is the Royal Palace on Dam Square. It wasn’t built to be a palace at all. Originally the Royal Palace was Amsterdam city hall. When Napoleon’s brother Louis declared himself King of Holland in 1806, he turned the building into his Palace. A side note: Allegedly, when he announced to the Dutch that he would be their king, he said in his broken Dutch, “Konijn van ‘Olland”, which means “rabbit of ‘Olland”, instead of “Koning van Holland” (King of Holland)

5. Pierre Cuypers, a Catholic, designed Rijksmuseum.  Apparently, after the building was finished a lot of Protestants, including the King, were not happy with it. They said that they would not step foot in the building because of the Catholic feel. On another note, Pierre Cuypers also build an exact replica of the Roman Catacombs in Valkenburg, The Netherlands.


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6. Amsterdam ranked number 6 in 2017 for safest cities in the world. I grew up in New Mexico. If you don’t know, in 2017, New Mexico ranked in the top 5 most dangerous states. In the time I lived in New Mexico, my car was broken into, my house was broken into, etc. I won’t go too into detail, but I’ve experienced/seen some stuff. Honestly, I have never felt unsafe in Amsterdam. That doesn’t mean I’m not still careful, but it is different from when I lived in Albuquerque.


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Do you know any fun facts about Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments!


xo, Erin Kay

6 Fun Facts About Amsterdam-Wandering Hello

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