My 2018 Travel Resolutions

My 2018 Travel Resolutions--Wandering Hello

My 2018 Travel Resolutions

Welcome to 2018! I love the start of the year because I get to plan all my goals. I’m sure as a fellow travel lover, you are excitedly planning your upcoming vacations and working on your travel bucket list.
It can be difficult to check off all our resolutions by the end of a year, but these are things I know I’ll be excited to tick off. And steal a few of my resolutions and at them to your list!

1. Discover more of the country I’m living in

I have seen a lot of the Netherlands, but as an American living abroad, I do not want to squander my time in any country. My plans this year include seeing more of North Holland, Friesland, and Overijsel. These are all provinces that I have not spent much, if any time visiting.
This year, Leeuwarden is the cultural capital of Europe; perfect timing for me! I now live only an hour drive. Other towns on the bucket list are Alkmaar, Kampen, Giethoorn, Volendam, and Texel.


2. Hit the open road

Road trips are my favorite form of travel. I love the freedom of driving (it’s possible I have a control issue.) We have a large multi-country road trip in the works. I don’t want to give away too many secrets yet. More to come!

3. Give up something and save for travel plans

This is important. Lately, I’ve been feeling like we have accumulated too much stuff. I’ve been purging like a mad woman. My goal moving over seas was to travel more, and stuff just weighs you down. So not adding to the stuff, I need to cut back on the spending.


4. Visit a new country

It goes without saying. I’m am a travel blogger and love exploring, of course this is on the list!
We already have plans to visit Luxembourg, but I also have a few other countries in mind. 🙂

5. Go to another Christmas market

I love Christmas markets. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I have started a tradition of going to a German Christmas market ever December. In 2018 we will either go to Heidelberg or Berlin.


6. Learn how to make local cuisine

Currently I’m in a French mood. I’m a pretty good cook (if I do say so myself) and it’s my favorite hobby. I would love to go to France or another country and take a cooking class. Learning in the country and with people is so much better! It’s more authentic.

7. Visit 100 Dutch museums

This is huge and might not be achievable. Still, I’d like to try. I received the Netherlands Museumkaart for Christmas. It grants access to over 400 museums around the Netherlands. So why not try to visit as many as I can?!

8. See more of Belguim

Waffles, chocolate, beer… what’s not to love about Belgium. I have seen a lot of Belgium, but I would love to see more. Specially on the French side. I tend stay on the Dutch side of Belgium.

9. See more of Germany

I’d love to branch out to more of Germany. I have seen a lot of the Western side of Germany, but I’ve love to venture to the southern part. Maybe the Black Forest area.

10. Bike across the Netherlands

This has been on my to do list for a while and I never do it. There is a bike route that follows along the North Sea. It takes a few days, mostly because you will want to stop and enjoy the beach or little dorps. It would be awesome and maybe this year I’ll actually do it.

My 2018 Travel Resolutions


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